Route 5 -- Arthur Minnis Road SW

Southwestern Orange County

Date -- June 9, 2001
Time -- 5:30 EDT
Observers -- Will Cook


Warbling Vireo, same place as last year!   Plus a family of Loggerhead Shrikes!   And a Dickcissel!

Western Orange is a place to watch!

CAGOCanada Goose52
MALLMallard 5
RSHARed-shouldered Hawk1
RTHARed-tailed Hawk2
RODORock Dove8
MODOMourning Dove34
YBCUYellow-billed Cuckoo1
CHSWChimney Swift3
BEKIBelted Kingfisher1
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker8
EAWPE Wood-Pewee3
EAPHE Phoebe4
GCFLGreat Crested Flycatcher1
EAKIE Kingbird1
LOSHLoggerhead Shrike3
WEVIWhite-eyed Vireo2
YTVIYellow-throated Vireo1
WAVIWarbling Vireo1
REVIRed-eyed Vireo11
AMCRAm Crow42
FICRFish Crow1
NRWSN Rough-winged Swallow1
BARSBarn Swallow36
CACHCarolina Chickadee2
TUTITufted Titmouse13
CARWCarolina Wren11
BGGNB-g Gnatcatcher8
EABLE Bluebird10
WOTHWood Thrush7
AMROAm Robin3
NOMON Mockingbird12
BRTHBrown Thrasher2
EUSTEur Starling18
PRAWPrairie Warbler2
PIWAPine Warbler10
COYECom Yellowthroat5
HOWAHooded Warbler 1
YBCHYellow-breasted Chat 5
SUTASummer Tanager1
SCTAScarlet Tanager3
EATOE Towhee6
CHSPChipping Sparrow3
FISPField Sparrow2
GRSPGrasshopper Sparrow3
NOCAN Cardinal26
BLGRBlue Grosbeak12
INBUIndigo Bunting16
RWBLRed-wing Blackbird5
EAMEE Meadowlark3
COGRCom Grackle13
BHCOBrown-headed Cowbird7
HOFIHouse Finch2
AMGOAm Goldfinch5
HOSPHouse Sparrow2