Route 3 -- Bonsal Crossroads SW

Southeastern Chatham County

Date -- June 2, 2002
Time -- 5:30 EDT
Observers -- Haven and Minna Wiley


Lots of "chucks" on the first few stops southeast of Jordan Lake -- also a Blue-headed Vireo singing its head off and a Red-headed Woodpecker.

TUVUTurkey Vulture1
CAGOCanada Goose5
NOBONorthern Bobwhite4
MODOMourning Dove11
YBCUYellow-billed Cuckoo1
RHWORed-headed Woodpecker1
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker6
NOFLN Flicker2
EAWPE Wood-Pewee1
EAPHE Phoebe1
GCFLGr Crested Flycatcher3
YTVIYellow-throated Vireo2
BHVIBlue-headed Vireo1
REVIRed-eyed Vireo7
BLJABlue Jay1
AMCRAm Crow10
PUMAPurple Martin2
NRWSN Rough-winged Swal1
BARSBarn Swallow3
CACHCarolina Chickadee1
TUTITufted Titmouse15
CARWCarolina Wren16
EABLE Bluebird6
WOTHWood Thrush2
GRCAGray Catbird3
NOMON Mockingbird12
BRTHBrown Thrasher1
EUSTEur Starling2
PIWAPine Warbler19
PRAWPrairie Warbler1
COYECom Yellowthroat3
YBCHYellow-breasted Chat 5
SUTASummer Tanager5
EATOE Towhee8
CHSPChipping Sparrow4
FISPField Sparrow3
NOCAN Cardinal24
BLGRBlue Grosbeak7
INBUIndigo Bunting11
RWBLRed-wing Blackbird1
EAMEE Meadowlark4
COGRCom Grackle13
BHCOBrown-headed Cowbird2
OROROrchard Oriole6
HOFIHouse Finch6
AMGOAm Goldfinch1