Route 2 -- Stagville Road NW

Northeastern Durham County

Date -- May 27, 2002
Time -- 5:30 EDT
Observers -- Bruce Young


It's nice to have those great blues, the red-shoulder, and the Barred Owl!

GBHEGreat Blue Heron2
RSHARed-shouldered Hawk1
MODOMourning Dove16
BAOWBarred Owl1
CHSWChimney Swift5
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker6
DOWODowny Woodpecker2
EAWPE Wood-Pewee2
ACFLAcadian Flycatcher1
EAPHE Phoebe3
REVIRed-eyed Vireo5
BLJABlue Jay6
AMCRAm Crow27
CACHCarolina Chickadee16
TUTITufted Titmouse15
BHNUBrown-headed Nuthatch1
CARWCarolina Wren13
BGGNB-g Gnatcatcher7
EABLE Bluebird8
WOTHWood Thrush15
AMROAm Robin3
NOMON Mockingbird4
BRTHBrown Thrasher1
EUSTEur Starling42
PIWAPine Warbler16
PRAWPrairie Warbler2
COYECom Yellowthroat2
SUTASummer Tanager1
SCTAScarlet Tanager1
EATOE Towhee2
CHSPChipping Sparrow13
NOCAN Cardinal25
BLGRBlue Grosbeak1
INBUIndigo Bunting7
RWBLRed-wing Blackbird1
COGRCom Grackle72
HOFIHouse Finch5
AMGOAm Goldfinch3
HOSPHouse Sparrow1