Route 5 -- Farrington Mill Road NE

Southwestern Durham County

Date -- June 2, 2002
Time -- 5:35 EDT
Observers -- Alan Johnston and Shantanu Phukan


Red-shoulder, red-tail, and a Barred Owl!   Also nice looks at a Yellow-throated Vireo.   Song Sparrows, House Wrens, and Gray Catbirds in town.   Not at all bad for an urban route!

CAGOCanada Goose8
WODUWood Duck 1
RSHARed-shouldered Hawk2
RTHARed-tailed Hawk1
MODOMourning Dove30
BAOWBarred Owl1
CHSWChimney Swift24
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker9
NOFLN Flicker2
EAWPE Wood-Pewee2
GCFLGr Crested Flycatcher1
YTVIYellow-throated Vireo1
REVIRed-eyed Vireo3
BLJABlue Jay10
AMCRAm Crow14
BARSBarn Swallow1
CACHCarolina Chickadee12
TUTITufted Titmouse22
WBNUWhite-br Nuthatch5
BHNUBrown-headed Nuthatch10
CARWCarolina Wren17
HOWRHouse Wren3
BGGNB-g Gnatcatcher12
EABLE Bluebird3
WOTHWood Thrush4
AMROAm Robin15
GRCAGray Catbird1
NOMON Mockingbird21
BRTHBrown Thrasher3
EUSTEur Starling6
PIWAPine Warbler6
SUTASummer Tanager9
SCTAScarlet Tanager1
EATOE Towhee17
CHSPChipping Sparrow13
SOSPSong Sparrow1
NOCAN Cardinal40
INBUIndigo Bunting5
COGRCom Grackle1
HOFIHouse Finch12
AMGOAm Goldfinch17
HOSPHouse Sparrow6