Route 3 -- Broad Street NW

Central western Durham County

Date -- June 22, 2003
Time -- 5:28 EDT
Observers -- Carol Williamson and Norm Budnitz


Many birds of towns -- Gray Catbird, House Wren, Song Sparrow, House Finch!   Also Northern Rough-winged Swallows -- scarce on MBBS routes!

RSHARed-shouldered Hawk3
MODOMourning Dove21
CHSWChimney Swift11
RTHURuby-thr Hummingbird1
RBWORed-bellied Woodpecker12
DOWODowny Woodpecker3
ACFLAcadian Flycatcher1
EAPHE Phoebe1
REVIRed-eyed Vireo8
BLJABlue Jay15
AMCRAm Crow25
NRWSN Rough-winged Swal4
CACHCarolina Chickadee9
TUTITufted Titmouse10
WBNUWhite-br Nuthatch3
BHNUBrown-headed Nuthatch3
CARWCarolina Wren3
HOWRHouse Wren4
BGGNB-g Gnatcatcher4
EABLE Bluebird1
AMROAm Robin26
GRCAGray Catbird6
NOMON Mockingbird12
BRTHBrown Thrasher5
EUSTEur Starling12
NOPANorthern Parula2
PIWAPine Warbler3
SCTAScarlet Tanager1
EATOE Towhee11
CHSPChipping Sparrow6
SOSPSong Sparrow2
NOCAN Cardinal32
BLGRBlue Grosbeak1
INBUIndigo Bunting2
RWBLRed-wing Blackbird2
COGRCom Grackle31
BHCOBrown-headed Cowbird1
HOFIHouse Finch16
AMGOAm Goldfinch4