Latest update: 22 May 2011

Mini Breeding Bird Surveys

Orange, Chatham, and Durham Counties

North Carolina

Logging into an MBBS account on eBird

  • go to

  • on the eBird home page, click on "My eBird" (tab near the top right)

  • on the "Sign In" page, enter the appropriate user name ...
    • for Orange County ... mbbsorangenc
    • for Chatham County ... mbbschathamn (notice no "c" at the end,
      because eBird limits usernames to 12 characters!)
    • for Durham County ... mbbsdurhamnc
  • next enter the password ...
    • for all three counties ... mbbsnc
  • check the box for "Remember me" (if you want to)
  • click on Sign In

  • the next page is the appropriate MBBS account summary ...
    • "total species" is the number ever recorded in all years
    • "total checklists" is the number of surveys in all years
  • to see a list of our surveys ...
    • on the righthand side, click "Manage My Observations"
  • to see the numbers of each species in a survey ...
    • find a survey and click "View or edit" (to the right)
    • you can also edit any errors in your own lists
    • you can view anybody's list (please be careful not change any but your own!)