Breeding Season Birds of Orange, Chatham, and Durham Counties NC

10 June 2017

This list includes all species observed at least once on MBBS routes in Orange, Chatham, and Durham Counties, North Carolina -- a total of 106 species!

Some of these species occur only in a few localities in these counties, and some have been found during the breeding season on only one or a few occasions.   A few no doubt were just visiting.

The official English name for each species (approved by the American Ornithologists' Union) is followed by a four-letter code for the species (adopted by the USGS Bird-Banding Office)

* Note exceptional codes for a few species -- especially Prairie and Prothonotary Warblers!

Species Code
Canada GooseCAGO
Wood DuckWODU
Northern Bob-whiteNOBW
Wild TurkeyWITU
Double-cr CormorantDCCO
Great Blue HeronGBHE
Green HeronGRHE
Glossy IbisGLIB
Black VultureBLVU
Turkey VultureTUVU
Sharp-shinned HawkSSHA
Cooper's HawkCOHA
Bald EagleBAEA
Red-shouldered HawkRSHA
Broad-winged HawkBWHA
Red-tailed HawkRTHA
Rock PigeonROPI
Mourning DoveMODO
Yellow-billed CuckooYBCU
Eastern Screech-OwlEASO
Great Horned OwlGHOW
Barred OwlBAOW
Common NighthawkCONI
Chimney SwiftCHSW
Ruby-thr HummingbirdRTHU
Belted KingfisherBEKI
Red-headed WoodpeckerRHWO
Red-bellied WoodpeckerRBWO
Downy WoodpeckerDOWO
Hairy WoodpeckerHAWO
Northern FlickerNOFL
Pileated WoodpeckerPIWO
Eastern Wood-PeweeEAWP
Acadian FlycatcherACFL
Willow FlycatcherWIFL
Eastern PhoebeEAPH
Great Crested FlycatcherGCFL
Eastern KingbirdEAKI
Loggerhead ShrikeLOSH
White-eyed VireoWEVI
Yellow-throated VireoYTVI
Blue-headed VireoBHVI
Warbling VireoWAVI
Red-eyed VireoREVI
Blue JayBLJA
American CrowAMCR
Fish CrowFICR
Species Code
N Rough-winged SwNRWS
Purple MartinPUMA
Tree SwallowTRSW
Barn SwallowBARS*
Cliff SwallowCLSW
Carolina ChickadeeCACH
Tufted TitmouseTUTI
White-breasted NuthatchWBNU
Brown-headed NuthatchBHNU
House WrenHOWR
Carolina WrenCARW*
Blue-gray GnatcatcherBGGN
Eastern BluebirdEABL
Wood ThrushWOTH
American RobinAMRO
Gray CatbirdGRCA
Brown ThrasherBRTH
Northern MockingbirdNOMO
European StarlingEUST
Cedar WaxwingCEDW*
Louisiana WaterthrushLOWA
Black-and-white WarblerBAWW
Prothonotary WarblerPROW*
Kentucky WarblerKEWA
Common YellowthroatCOYE
Hooded WarblerHOWA
American RedstartAMRE
Northern ParulaNOPA
Yellow WarblerYEWA
Pine WarblerPIWA
Yellow-throated WarblerYTWA
Prairie WarblerPRAW*
Yellow-breasted ChatYBCH
Grasshopper SparrowGRSP
Chipping SparrowCHSP
Field SparrowFISP
Song SparrowSOSP
Eastern TowheeEATO
Summer TanagerSUTA
Scarlet TanagerSCTA
Northern CardinalNOCA
Blue GrosbeakBLGR
Indigo BuntingINBU
Red-winged BlackbirdRWBL
Eastern MeadowlarkEAME
Common GrackleCOGR
Brown-headed CowbirdBHCO
Orchard OrioleOROR
Baltimore OrioleBAOR
House FInchHOFI
American GoldfinchAMGO
House SparrowHOSP