What is the MBBS?

From the MBBS website:

A Mini Breeding Bird Survey (MBBS) is a small-scale version of the full Breeding Bird Survey organized each year by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service throughout North America.An MBBS focuses on one county. Volunteers count birds seen or heard along randomly chosen routes on secondary roads. The objective is to determine the distribution of breeding birds in the county and to assess any year-to-year changes in their numbers. An annual MBBS began in Orange County (12 routes) in 1999, in Chatham County (14 routes) in 2000, and in Durham County (8 routes) in 2002. The number of routes in each county varies with the size of the county.

About this site

This site presents the results for the MBBS from 1999-2018 for Orange County (so far!).