Durham County MBBS routes

MBBS Durham County Routes

(1) South Lowell Road NE (northwestern Durham County)

Starting point: intersection of South Lowell Rd (SR 1461) and Guess Rd (SR 1003).

Route: go north on South Lowell. Just after crossing Little River, turn left onto South Lowell, which becomes SR 1464. Continue to 501, skipping the 4-lane stretch, and turn left onto 501. Turn right onto Moore’s Road and right again onto a gravel road that has no official state road sign. On the left you should immediately see a sign that says Hill Forest and SR 1614. On the right is a DOT diamond-shaped sign that reads “Road subject to flooding”. Go to the end of the road, crossing the Flat River and passing through NC State Univ. forest. Turn left onto Wilkens Road and left again onto Hampton (SR 1603). Turn right onto Red Mountain Road (SR 1471) and continue until you have completed 10 miles.

(2) Stagville Road NW (northeastern Durham County)

Starting point: junction of Stagville Road (SR 1615) and Old Oxford Highway (SR 1626).

Route: drive northwest on Stagville to its end. Turn left onto John Jones Road (SR 1618) and continue to Ball Road (SR 1617) where you turn right, crossing Bahama Road and railroad tracks. Turn left onto Quail Roost Road (SR 1615) and continue until you finish 10 miles. If more road is necessary, turn right on 501 and left onto Conference Road (SR 1468).

(3) Broad Street NW (central western Durham County)

Starting point: intersection of Broad Street and Club Boulevard.

Route: go north on Broad Street turning left onto Guess Road. Turn left onto Carver Street. Go about 1.5 miles to Rose of Sharon Road and turn left and right onto Cole Mill Road. Follow Cole Mill Road, cross the Eno River and turn right onto Umstead Road (SR 1449). Follow Umstead to Guess Road and turn left onto Guess Road until you have completed 10 miles.

(4) Goodwin Road SW (central Durham County)

Starting point: junction of Goodwin (SR 1640) and 501, across from Northern High School.

Route: go east on Goodwin until Infinity Road (SR 1639), turn left and continue to the end of Infinity. Turn right onto Snow Hill (SR 1631). This takes you to Old Oxford Highway (SR 1004) where you should turn left. You will cross railroad tracks and an arm of Falls Lake. Continue until you can bear right on Teknika Parkway. Turn right onto Red Mill Road (SR 1632). Go as far as necessary until you have completed 10 miles. If necessary, turn left on East Geer Street.

(5) Farrington Mill Road NW (southwestern Durham County)

Starting point: intersection of Farrington Mill Road (SR 1109) and Kepley Road (SR 1108) – Kepley is about 0.5 miles south of Barbee Chapel Road.

Route: go north on Farrington Mill, turn right onto Farrington Road (SR 1110) and cross Hwy 54. Continue north, passing I-40. At Old Chapel Hill Road, turn right and cross New Hope Creek, turning right onto Chapel Hill Road (do not continue on University Drive). When Chapel Hill Road meets University Drive, turn right and immediately turn left onto Academy Road (751). Stay on Academy and at the major intersection and stoplight near the old university president?s house, veer right onto Duke University Road and continue as far as needed to complete 10 miles.

(6) Slater Road NW (Cornwallis Road) (south central Durham County)

Starting point: county line (between Durham and Wake) on Slatter Road (SR 1974) less than 0.2 miles east of I-540.

Route: follow Slatter to Emperor Boulevard where you turn right. Turn left at Page Road and right at the stoplight of ?Imperial Corners? (still on Page Rd.). Turn right on South Miami. At about the 3-mile mark, turn left onto Cornwallis Rd. Stay on Cornwallis until 10 miles have been completed, skipping as necessary 4-lane stretches. If you skip a lot, note that Cornwallis Road does a jag at Chapel Hill Road at Hardee?s.

(7) Sherron Road NE (central eastern Durham County) (formerly Mineral Springs Road NE)

Starting point: intersection of Mineral Springs Road (SR 1881) and Sherron Road.

Route: go northeast on Sherron for 3.0 miles. Turn right on Route 98 (Old Wake Forest Hwy). Go 0.7 miles (skip this section for birding) and turn left on Baptist Road. Go 1.9 miles and turn right on South View Road (SR 1809); it?s gravel. Cross Rt. 98, stay on South View. Turn left on Kemp Road (SR 1902), right on Carpenter Pond Rd (SR 1901). Continue until 10 miles are completed.

(8) Olive Branch Road NW (southeastern Durham County)

Starting point: intersection of Olive Branch Road and Leesville Road.

Route: go northwest on Olive Branch Road (SR 1905) for 3.8 miles to Wake Forest Road (NC 98). Turn left onto 98 for 0.4 miles (skip this section for birding) and turn right onto Patterson Road (SR 1811) and an immediate left onto Stallings (SR 1814), which becomes Fletcher?s Chapel Road (SR 1882) and go north until Cheek Road. Cross Cheek Road and Fletcher?s Chapel Rd. becomes Burton Road. Follow Burton north until crossroads with Gorman. At Gorman, turn right onto Geer Street. Continue until you finish.